more encouragement

Og Mandino recording at is a want.

“Don’t Let an Old Person Move Into your Body.” is something I need when my credit card can withstand any more.

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defective childhood

grow-up from the pain of a defective childhood, leverage the intelligence I show and care for my family.

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just surfing

How should somebody teach themselves database and programming skills?

  • MySQL is the most accessible DBMS against which to learn SQL. They should download a (free) copy and install it on their PC.
  • free version of Microstrategy 9 is a good way to learn about BI and also the analytic side of SQL.
  • The first thing you learn in an app dev tool used to be and probably still is how to do a master-detail form. That would cover the other side of learning SQL. But what would be a good choice of tool? (Preferably free, as building serious OLTP apps is probably not what these people will want to do.)
  • One idea I had is that the website-oriented ones should learn how to modify WordPress, by which I really mean modifying WordPress themes. That would involve learning PHP, SQL, and HTML/CSS, which seems like a great place to start.

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16 July, 2010 15:14

Free cultures get what they celebrate.” -Dean Kamen.

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27 June, 2010 15:58

saw Shrek 4 movie

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job interview

Still have not looked for “previous psi-journal”. Found it, now to search through to see if a routine gets a mention.

This morning I attended a job interview at a large bank HQ. It is exciting to think I might be employed again soon, also good to speak of the extensive experience and value I can bring to a corporation.

So sad to watch Kevin Rudd to be mugged by the political party he led to victory in an election. To cut short his first term in office is not acceptable unless on health reasons.

A marketing call from a telephone company took over 35 minutes to spend an extra $68 – how can that be profitable for the company ? I am certainly getting more benefits.

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Attended a group session last night, attendance of 4. Focus was on step10 which gives a nudge toward a daily routine for 12steppers.
I seem to remember such a routine being practiced by myself for approximately three days last year, must get my previous psi-journal out.

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