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How should somebody teach themselves database and programming skills?

  • MySQL is the most accessible DBMS against which to learn SQL. They should download a (free) copy and install it on their PC.
  • free version of Microstrategy 9 is a good way to learn about BI and also the analytic side of SQL.
  • The first thing you learn in an app dev tool used to be and probably still is how to do a master-detail form. That would cover the other side of learning SQL. But what would be a good choice of tool? (Preferably free, as building serious OLTP apps is probably not what these people will want to do.)
  • One idea I had is that the website-oriented ones should learn how to modify WordPress, by which I really mean modifying WordPress themes. That would involve learning PHP, SQL, and HTML/CSS, which seems like a great place to start.


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